Our Story

Hi there, my name is Gabriella and I make mandala wooden wall art and wood wall decor. I started my business, Kachhi Wood Art, because I wanted to spend time with my daughter while also doing what I love – creating art. Mandala Artwork became popular and I realized it could be a real business.
At Kachhi Wood Art, we make eco-friendly wood wall decor that is beautiful and tells a story. We use high-quality basswood to make our designs, and we carefully cut them with a laser and paint them by hand. We take our time to make sure every piece is perfect before we ship it to you.
Our art is not just pretty to look at, it also brings a feeling of calm and peace to your home. We care about every detail to finish each piece. We also take care of the environment by using non-toxic materials and eco-friendly practices.
When you support our art, you are not just buying decor, you are joining our story and helping me be there for my daughter. Thank you for being a part of our creative journey. We hope our mandalas bring joy, peace, and elegance to your home.

Our Craft

You must be wondering how we create such beautiful wood wall art?

The process of making a mandala wooden hanging is:

Step 1 – Laser Cut All Layers
Step 2 – Treat Burrs and Polish
Step 3 – Hand Paint Color
Step 4 – Glue and Assemble
Step 5 – Spray Clear Protective Coat
Step 6 – Add Hooks to Back
Step 7 – Pack and ship with care

All artwork is handmade by me and my brother.

Generally speaking, the turnaround time for most items is 3-7 days. Every item you receive is filled with my attention to detail.

Our Mission

At Kachhi Wood Art, our goal is to make every home pretty with our handcrafted mandala wooden wall art. We want to use our love for art to make eco-friendly 3D art that makes your home look better.

We don’t just make pretty things, we also care about the environment. Each piece of our art is carefully made with high quality materials to show our commitment to the environment. By supporting us, you help us celebrate motherhood, art, and making beautiful things that are good for the planet.

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